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TweedleWink: Music Reading Montessori Accelerated Learning System – montessori smart kids education

The fourth and fifth areas of our school focus (out of eight areas) in our TweedleWink Right Brain Education system are Music and Reading lessons.

We teach perfect pitch training with tuning forks and musical notation. We listen to composers, and we freely allow (and encourage!) movement along with the music.

Our Reading lessons developed within the context of a Montessori school environment. We added flashcards in the method by the “father” of flashcards Glenn Doman. Adding flashcards was a tremendous brain booster in early learning and reading development.

Then we added accelerated learning techniques from Europe and England and from others in the United States, discovering what worked best in our integrated system, and what needed a different approach.


In this video excerpt from a live presentation, Right Brain Master Trainer Pamela Hickein talks about how Music lessons are incorporated into a Right Brain Education learning environment, as well as gives some background into how the Right Brain Education program itself developed and matured over the 20 years it has been growing.

– Music frequencies and emotional frequencies
– Both sides of the brain listen to music
– The context of learning to read in a right brain environment
– Maria Montessori and the environment of honoring the child
– Flashcard pioneer Glenn Doman
– Other methods added to expand our Reading lessons
– Recognizing each child’s gift and “specialness”
– Making relationships the first priority before expecting results

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