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Saying the Shahadah! Learning with ZAKY

The shahadah is saying and believing in “laa ilaaha illallaah” which means there is nothing that deserves to be worshipped except Allah. The shahadah is also the first pillar of Islaam.

Did you know that if you say the shahadah with complete honesty and sincerity you will enter Paradise? Isn’t that wonderful?

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
“man qaala laa ilaaha illallaahu saadiqan min qalbihi dakhalal-jannah”. Which means: Whoever says “laa ilaaha illallaah honestly from their heart, will enter Jannah.

This means when we say the shahadah, we have to really and truly believe that only Allah deserves to be worshipped. Because Allaah created us and gave us all that we have and need. So in return, we don’t worship anyone or anything else except Him. So by saying the shahadah and really meaning it, Allah will reward you and make you enter Paradise in-shaa-Allaah.

SubhaanAllaah Allah is so kind and merciful.


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