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Montessori at Home with Mia Episode 5 – How to develop fine motor movement using tweezers – montessori smart kids education

Tweezers Transfer – Montessori at Home Exercise

In this video, I used small water bottle stoppers as the objects to be transferred.
You can use peppercorns, coffee beans, corn kernels, beads or anything that can be clamped by a pair of Tweezers. Also, you can use other kinds of Tweezers for this exercise.
Please, please, please remember: THIS EXERCISE MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.

Transferring is one of the fundamental activities in a Montessori class. children develop their fine motor movement and other skills such as ORDER, CONCENTRATION, HAND-EYE COORDINATION, INDEPENDENCE, and ACCURACY while transferring small objects from one bowl or small container to another.

This exercise is presented to children ages 2 to 3.5 years old.

Transferring activities prepares the child for the later exercises requiring appropriate fine motor strength and writing exercises.

Read more about Transferring activities in Montessori:



If you have tried this or any of the exercises with your child, please let me know! And If you have questions or comments, drop them below. 🙂
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