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Infant Education – Montessori home tools for the 1st year of life – montessori smart kids education

A introduction to the acclaimed DVD work shop – Bringing Out the Brilliance In Your Infant : a practical guide for Montessori in the Home, by Montessori educator – Tamara Sheesley Balis.

Transform your home into an infant’s best classroom for optimal childhood development.

The Montessori method refers to “the absorbent mind” to describe the learning process of the child. Whatever the child is exposed to, whatever the infant hears, sees and feels – these are all uploaded directly into the brain. The child is forming a life-long map of how the world feels looks and works. The foundation of the brain, body and spirit come directly from the family’s interaction with the child and the child’s environment.

Our mission is to inspire parents who want to implement Montessori principles in their home, but aren’t sure where or how to start – as well as those who already know and love Montessori, and want more tools for creating a Montessori family. We provide encouragement, guidance, support and a network for parents who are dedicated to raising happy, well-adjusted, independent and contributing world citizens.


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