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How to Create a Journal Jar

A journal jar is a great gift you can create for someone else, or it can simply be a gift you give to yourself. In its most basic form, a journal jar is a jar which you find appealing, filled with folded pieces of paper containing writing prompts.

When creating the prompts you can decide which topics you would like to address, such as childhood, likes and dislikes, dreams for the future, spirituality, relationships, and so on. Then come up with questions for each topic. For example, if "childhood" is one of your topics, you can write down questions such as the following:

o What was your favorite toy as a child?
o What was your favorite subject at school?
o What did you dream of becoming when you grow up?
o Who was your best friend growing up?
o Who was your favorite teacher?
o What's your earliest childhood memory?
o Did you have any favorite Sunday rituals growing up?

Instead of questions, you can fill your jar with quotes and write about any impressions you get when you read each quote. For example, you can choose quotes on creativity, gratitude, or happiness.

You can type the questions or quotes into a Word document, print out the document, and cut up slips of paper. If you have beautiful penmanship, you can also create handwriting journal prompts. In addition, you can even choose to include some illustrations.

Find a jar that you like, preferably one that seals. You can create a tag for the jar with a title such as "My Journal Jar", "About Me", or words to that effect. Fold the pieces of paper with your prompts written on them in half, and place them in the jar. Try to fill the jar to the very top with prompts. And that's it; once you follow these steps you'll have created a journal jar which you can either give away to a loved one or keep for yourself.

Source by Marelisa Fabrega

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