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Childhood Memories of Dress Up Games

Nostalgia is always a good way to pass a boring day. I always indulge in thinking what has been and the happy good old days whenever I feel to pressured and overwhelmed by the complexities of modern life. Maybe life has already been complex since then so I will just attribute this feeling of pressure and being overwhelmed to adulthood. Everything was so simple and easy when you are young. The only problem you have is that you will finish your homework so that you can go and watch your favorite cartoon on TV or when will your mother buy you your favorite ice cream flavor again.

Being young was also a very magical time. Toys would become very personal friends and confidants. Santa Claus is the one who fills your sacks with toys and somewhere out there a wizard is brewing up his potion that could give him the powers to fly. There is no household budgeting to worry. No government taxes to pay. No messy tangled love life to sort. No high blood pressure or blood sugar count to keep track of. As the song goes, it is so good to be young then!

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the hands of time, so I spent another day daydreaming about my childhood days. I have a lot of fond memories back then. My father stopped buying me toys back when I was seven and I was stuck with books from the Ladybird series instead. It was good coz it fostered in me the love of books. I collected a lot of books since graduating from the ladybird series like the ever popular Harry Potter series. But despite the love for reading and the lack of toys that did not stop me from playing. I used to love playing dress up games with my childhood friends. We would play dress up games just about anywhere and dress up everyone. Dress up games take us to far away places where we pretend that we were princesses of some foreign land. Dress up games also made it possible for us to become fairies, explorers, ballerinas, ghosts, witches and just about anything that we could come up with. Somehow I think that because of it, one of my friends became a fashion designer and one is now studying film direction. Talk about budding creativity.

These days little girls have it easy. They can play dress up games at the comfort of their own home. All they have to do is sit in front of a pc and look for some sites like those of Bratz games or Barbie. Dressing up characters only requires knowledge of mouse clicking. Although they have it easy now, I still prefer the good old days. It is more interactive and encourages relationship building among kids. The girls that I play with a long time ago? They are still my best friends up to this time and they have helped me get past a lot of tough times in my life.

Source by Lisa Park

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