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6 Tips to Get an A + In All Subjects

Many students dream to get A + grades each year but a few of them succeed in doing this, because it is normal that most students are average that get average grades and if you do not want to be an average student you should not do what average students do by:

1. Having your own way of studying

2. Knowing what A + students do

The first way to be an above average student is to study hard and it can take so much time and effort and at the end it may not be so effective.

The second way is what this article is all about so that you know what A + students do so that you can do the same.

6 Tips to Get an A + In All Subjects

1. Study from the break of dawn : you should wake up before any student and you should study from the break of dawn after having your breakfast, a scientific fact shows that a student has the most energy physically and the most concentration power in the morning especially in dawn time. By doing this you will have the most physical energy and the most concentration power while studying.

2. Keep sitting to study the longest time possible : many students sit for a few hours and then leave what they study because they feel bored of what they are doing. To keep sitting the longest time possible, you must have smart ways to study while not feeling bored. One of these smart ways to decrease feeling bored is to study each hour a different subject and to take a break of 10 to 20 minutes after each hour you study. Another smart way to study is to study an entertaining subject after each morning hour, so that you sit to study the longest time.

3. Study from any outer sources: you should not study from your notes, school books or the references only, you should also study from any trusted outer sources which will give you a different perspective for your subject than the books' perspective.

4. Research the parts you do not understand : reading different points of view for other students about similar questions you did not understand while studying can make you have different answers for the same question which will turn you from not knowing about the subject to being an expert in the subject; you can search in Yahoo answers, Wikipedia or by just searching in Google for what you want to know more about.

5. Take notes for the questions you want to ask : there will be many questions that you will want to ask while studying, taking notes for these questions and spending some time with your teacher or your professor to answer them can make you excel in this subject.

6. Once you started, never stop : there are many reasons a student can have to stop studying, like:

a. Feeling fake confidence about the subject after getting good marks in mid-year exams

b. Feeling smarter than others when answering teacher's questions correct

c. Feeling helpless to study after getting marks less than expected

d. Laziness and postponing in studying

To study hard in the right way is the way to get A + grades in school and this article can help you know the right way to study hard.

Source by Ahmed Al Abyad

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